Pigeon control and cleaning of guano

Having pigeons roosting or nesting on your building exposes you to some serious health risks but that's only half of the story, the droppings left behind by the birds are both toxic and corrosive. A relatively small flock of birds can produce tens of kilograms of poo every month, this material builds up and can block gutters and rainwater downpipes leading to flooding after heavy rain and the material will make walkways slippery and expose your staff or loved ones to painful accidents.

The corrosive action of pigeon guano

Pigeon guano is highly acidic, we all know that damage it can do to the paintwork on our cars when its not cleaned off quickly enough as the bird poo scars the finish, and this is happening to your building.

It does not matter what the material is made off; wood, paint, metal, stone and concrete, everything that pigeon poo sits on is slowly but relentlessly being eaten away and over time this adds up to a hidden cost. Buildings can be costly to maintain and so by having a pigeon flock in residence you're not really aware of the problem until its too late and you're going to incur charges which could have been prevented.

The biology and chemistry of pigeon poo

Birds differ from mammals in numerous ways and one of these is that birds do not have a bladder, if ever you've held a bird in your hand, you'll be amazed at how light they are. It makes sense when expending considerable amounts of energy to take flight and battle head winds that weight is going to be a key issue, and so birds mix their liquid waste from their kidneys and the solid waste from their intestines in an organ called the cloaca.

If you watch a bird that has perched for any length of time, you'll notice that they often defecate just before they take flight; they're expelling all their waste in a liquid soup and this soup takes the form of concentrated acid. The pH levels of pigeon poo are somewhere between 3 to 4.5; for comparison lemons are around 3, acids will be their nature try to neutralise themselves by pulling hydrogen ions out of their surroundings. The bird poo that lands on your building is reacting with the material it sits on slowly breaking the surface down.

The problem for all your different surfaces whether its paint, wood or any porous surfaces is that the acid will enter through microscopic flaws and entrances slowly working deeper into the material and eating away as the insides. Rain, freezing weather, sunlight and wind all do the rest and weather the material breaking the surface further and further, it takes years but we'll often see badly damaged surfaces that have been buried under pigeon guano which could have been avoided.

Pigeon Control UK and how we can help with your pigeon problem

When a bird deterrent is correctly fitted your life with pigeons should be over, the birds will be prevented from roosting, although given the stubbornness of these birds they may hand around for some time before they finally depart. But once gone you are just left with the clearing up and that's something that we do on behalf of our customers.

We have years of experience in working in these hazardous conditions and we take our health and safety very seriously, we can ensure that all the guano is removed from your property. The area thoroughly cleaned and biocided to kill off any lingering bacteria or viruses and we can take away contaminated loft insulation, stored items and even decking from balconies.

We find that many residential balconies are finished with a small area of decking, if the birds have been nesting underneath the supporting joists there will be inches of waste along with dead birds and old nest material and we will remove this. From that point we can pull up the supporting frame along with the ruined decking and re-lay a completely new deck for you; this is a common occurrence.

As licensed waste carriers all our waste material is taken to an approved waste transfer station and we pay to dispose of it, records and receipts are kept and we can furnish you with a copy should you require it.